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Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Robocode 1.6.2 Beta 4

With this release 5 more bugs have been fixed compared to the 1.6.2 Beta 3.


  • Fixed the Open Battle dialog, where the robots were not being loaded, but which instead behaved the same way as the New Battle dialog.

  • Fixed NullPointerException with the new Record and Playback (Replay) feature, when trying to play a recorded battle.

  • Fixed serialization problems with scan arcs (Arc2D), when robot paintings with scan arcs are being recorded.

  • Fixed problem with reloading robot repository on each next battle dialog. Now the user must press Ctrl+R in order to refresh the robot repository as this is not done automatically anymore.

  • Fixed two ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsExceptions occurring when opening a new battle with fewer robots, when a battle with more robots are ongoing.

Download 1.6.2 Beta 4 from here

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