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Wednesday, 6 January 2010


Happy New Year to everybody!

This is the final release of which contains one new feature, some bug fixes, and a few changes compared to the beta.


  • Bug [2912942] - Mac OS X 10.6: Cannot run Robocode from It must be run from the new robocode.command file instead.

  • Bug [2912944] - Mac OS X 10.6: The editor cannot see the JDK. It must be run from the new robocode.command file instead.

  • The onDeathEvent(DeathEvent) method was called too late, when a new round was about to start. Not when the robot has died.

  • Bug [2867326] - Lockup on start if too many bots in robots dir (cont'd). Additional fix was made to locate multiple robots under the same package.

  • Changed the robot painting so that everything that goes into the painting buffer is always painted, and remaining painting operations exceeding the buffer capacity are always dropped. Previously, only the last painting operations exceeding the painting buffer were executed.

New Features

  • The amount of used memory and total memory is now shown in the title bar of Robocode. This is useful to see how much memory your robots are consuming.


  • If the robot paints too much between actions, an improved error message is written out in the robot console. But from this version of Robocode this message is only written out a single time.

  • A SecurityException is now thrown if a robot exceeds its max. data file quota, meaning that it uses more than 200.000 bytes its data files in total.

Download Robocode from here