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Monday, 5 January 2009

Robocode 1.6.2

This is the final release of Robocode 1.6.2, which contains 3 bugfixes compared to the recent Beta 4 version.


  • Bug [2467536] Robot name was missing when replaying XML record.

  • Bug [2465580] Junior Robot turnAheadRight() bug. When a JuniorRobot was calling turnAheadRight(), turnAheadLeft(), turnBackRight(), or turnBackLeft() - the following exception occurred causing the robot to be terminated: java.lang.ClassCastException: robocode.peer.proxies.StandardRobotProxy

  • Bug [2449081] Exception when changing between Robot to AdvancedRobot. When a robot was changed from a Robot into an AdvancedRobot and recompiled, the game would cast a ClassCastException if a battle was started or restarted including that particular robot. However, this bug did not occur with new battles where the list of robots was refreshed (by pressing Ctrl+R).

Download 1.6.2 (final) from here

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