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Friday, 23 March 2018

Introduction to Robocode by Patrick Cupka aka Voidious

Here is a great introduction into Robocode by Patrick Cupka aka Voidious.
He is a veteran Robocoder, so he knows what he is talking about.
Thank you, Patrick, for the excellent introduction! :-)

Link to video clip on Youtube

Saturday, 17 March 2018


This release fixes issues with packaging robot teams, handles a visual HiDPI scaling issue, and running more frequent checks with the RoboRumble server.

Version (17-03-2018)

Bug fixes

  • Bug-393: More frequent roborumble server checks.
    • The check for new robots was changed from 2 hours to 10 minutes.
    • Thanks goes to Julian Kent (aka Skilgannon) for this fix.
  • Bug-394: HiDPI scaling causes visual glitches.
  • Fixed issues with creating and packaging robot teams.
Download Robocode from here
Download Robocode .NET plug-in from here
Download Robot testing plug-in from here