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Thursday, 19 February 2009

Robocode - fixes yet another compiler path problem

Robocode fixes a new major bug introduced with version when trying to get rid of Bug 2597046.


  • The fix for "Bug [2597046] Compiler classpath not quoted" backfired, as the entire text field in the window with the compiler properties would now be quoted. Hence, the compiler would not be able to compile, and it was not possible to cheage the compiler preferences from the GUI.

Download Robocode from here

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Robocode - fixes major bug with starting Robocode

Robocode fixes a major bug that some users have experienced when trying to start Robocode.


  • Bug [2596947] Fix needed to Robocode.bat: Some users experienced problems with starting Robocode. Hence, all startup batch and shell files for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X etc. have been corrected.

  • Bug [2597046] Compiler classpath not quoted: When running Robocode in a folder with spaces, the compiler classpath was not quoted. Hence, the compiler would not work.

Download Robocode from here