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Thursday, 20 November 2014


This release is a new maintenance release containing two bug fixes and two changes (actually upgrades). Good news for Robocode is that Markus Koschany, which is maintainer of Robocode for Debian, has helped with making it possible to distribute Robocode with Debian in the future. Various issues with the sources that was a "show stopper" for including Robocode with Debian have been ironed out with the help from Markus. :-)

Version (20-Nov-2014)

Bug fixes

  • Req-159: Fix overkilled garbage collection on static fields.
    • Robocode garbage collected practically any static field on a robot to prevent memory leaks (see Bug-244).
  • Bug-375: Wrong width and height returned for .NET robots.
    • The .NET API return 40 instead of 36 with the Width and Height properties.


  • Upgraded Eclipse Compiler for Java (ECJ) to version 4.4.
  • Upgraded jni4net to version


  • Got rid of various issues (e.g. license headers) with the source files of Robocode in order to create a Debian distribution of Robocode.
    • Thanks goes to Markus Koschany for all the help and support to make this possible.
Download Robocode from here
Download Robocode .NET plug-in from here
Download Robot testing plug-in from here