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Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Robocode 1.6.1 Beta 2

Lots of bugfixes and changes were made for the Robocode 1.6.1 Beta 2 compared to the first beta of the coming version 1.6.1. Some of the bugfixes were non-trivial, and hence we have made this new Beta 2 release.


  • [2009283] Error in bullet damage calculation: The bullets scoring was incorrect compared to version It was too high.

  • The Battle Results showed scores that was doubled (in the 1.6.1 Beta) compared to the real results.

  • Fixed issue with robot paintings, which mirrored the paintings.

  • Fixed issue with painting with the alpha channel (translucent color).

  • The mouse y coordinate of the mouse events was not scaled correctly.

  • When starting up a new battle, the battle would sometimes appear to be paused, even though the user did not pause the game.

  • [2009432] Leaking System.out: outputting to System.out from the constructor of a robot would go to the actual console instead of being properly redirected.


  • The new TPS slider was readjusted, so the are more slower speeds, and less higher speeds.

  • The menu item for the Ranking Panel is now hidden when replaying a battle, and the panel is now being hidden, if it is visible, while the battle is being replayed. The reason for hiding the Ranking Panel is that the replay feature does not support displaying the current rankings during the replay, i.e. the current scores are not recorded.

Download: here