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Friday, 30 April 2010

Robocode Beta 3

This is the 3rd and last beta for Robocode version, where lots of bugs found in Beta 2 have been fixed.

We need to have the fixes verified and also let you check if we have introduced some unwanted side-effects with all the bug fixes we made. So if you have made a bug report for Robocode, please verify the fix the bug if it has been marked as "fixed", and update the tracker with a comment. That is, if the bug was fixed or not.

If you discover a new issue, then don't hesitate reporting it on SourceForge here with a note of which system and Java version you are running under.

If you are new to Robocode then please note that this version is the first version of Robocode that supports robots written for .NET. With the .NET plugin for Robocode, Java and .NET robots can participate in the same battles in the same time.

You can read our two first articles on the RoboWiki about
how to create and how to debug a .NET robot with Visual Studio.

If you want to know the differences between the Robot API for Java and the new one for .NET, you should read this article.

We encourage everybody to test this new Beta version as much as possible and report any bugs found at our Bugs Tracker at SourceForge. Then we will do everything we can to fix issues before the final release of version

You can read about the bugfixes and changed made with the first beta here and the second beta You can read about the bugfixes and changed made with the first beta here.

In the following we list the new bugfixes and changes since the Beta 2 version.


  • Bug [2976754] - Battle engine consumes more CPU power over time

  • Bug [2972932] - Strange issue first time running roborumble in Beta 2.

  • Bug [2978825] - isTeammate() sometimes returns false with teammates.

  • Bug [2964562] - Cannot extract downloaded robot for editing in Robot Editor.

  • Bug [2976258] - Strange thread exceptions with kid.DeltaSquad in 1.7.

  • Bug [2974178] - Krabb.sliNk.Garm 0.9u freezes often in 1.7.

  • Bug [2970414] - Occasionally losing the bit of text in the robot console.

  • Bug [2954723] - java.lang.Error: Interrupted attempt to aquire read lock.

  • Bug: Teams with versions could not be found in a development path.

  • Bug: Files in /robots/.data or /robots/.robotcache dir were put into a underscore sub-directory.

  • Bug: The "Kill Robot" button in the robot console windows was often disabled.


  • The robot console now uses a rolling buffer so when the number of lines in the robot console exceeds the max number of lines (500), the oldest lines are removed, and "^^^ TEXT TRUNCATED ^^^" is written in the top. Previously half of the text was truncated when the max number of lines was reached.

Download Robocode Beta 3 from here
Download Robocode .NET plugin Beta 3 from here