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Friday, 24 October 2008

Robocode - maintenance release

This maintenance release fixes 5 bugs and contains 2 minor changes.


  • [2157167] Blank console window when compiling. This bug was introduced in When trying to compile a robot which gave a compiler error, the output console window for the compiler could be blank on Windows system, and even hang. Now the compiler error is output correctly as in previous versions.
  • [2070840] Roborumble "ITERATE" broken: When running RoboRumble with ITERATE=YES, DOWNLOAD=YES, and RUNONLY=SERVER, the ratings were only read once, not per iteration. This bugfix removes a very old bug and the need of using a batch file as workaround in order to do the loop with updated ratings.
  • [2121034] The -DROBOTPATH= option did not work: Now it works.
  • [2134416] Broken .sh files: An misplaced colon character was included in the file.
  • Fixed issue with first time access to a robot's data directory after startup, where the robot was not allowed to write to it's file.


  • The list of available robots in the 'New Battle' dialog is now automatically refreshed before it is being shown, when a new robot has been compiled or a robot has been removed.
  • The 'Save' and 'Save As' in the File menu of the Robot Editor is now enabled and disabled depending if there is anything to save or not.

Download from here