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Sunday, 7 December 2008

Robocode 1.6.2 Beta 2

The Beta 2 release is mostly about cleanup of code and improved documentation. But there are some fixes and changes as well.

  • Removed _AdvancedRadiansRobot,_AdvancedRobot, and _Robot! Change renders some robots unusable, but I don't see why people inherited from that classes. We clearly indicated that they are internal and may be removed. Please discus, if you have good reason why you inherited from them in the past.

  • Improved compatibility with RobocodeJGAP

  • Development robot version names into repository

  • Fixed problem with Bullet identity

  • Fixed battle cleanup concurrency issue

  • Fixed problem with robots without package

  • Fixed AWT AppContext cleanup


Barnabás said...

Hi! I have two comments on the recent releases of Robocode. At first I realised that every time I open the new battle form, the list refreshes itself. It's quite nervousing for me, because I have about 200 robots in my repository, so refreshing takes 10-20 seconds every time. The second comment is about 'show current ranking' box, which disappears when I minimize the robocode window. I really loved looking at the ranking panel while robocode was minimized.

Best regards: HUNRobar

Pavel Šavara said...

Hi Barnabás,

we missed your comment for few days, but we hear you now. We will do something about the speed and window. I'm just not sure that we can make it in this release, but we will probably solve it in 1.6.2 final. Sorry about that.