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Saturday, 5 January 2019


Version (05-01-2019)

This is another maintenance release of Robocode to fix some issues.
Note that the .NET plugin is not supported by this version. Use version of the .NET plugin instead.


  • Bug-401: RoboRumble client: Biased Melee prioritized pairings
    • All credits goes to Xor for this fix. :-)
  • An error was thrown every time Robocode checked for a new version. The reason being that the Robocode web page has been moved.
  • Undo/Redo with the Robocode Editor got broken with Java 9+.


  • Upgraded the Codesize tool to version 1.2, which support newer versions of Java (9 experimental) and Java 8 lambdas.
  • The Robocode site is now using HTTPS instead of HTTP, and have been moved permanently to (".io" instead of ".net")
  • Changed the Maven build files to use the Maven Wrapper (mvnw).