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Monday, 25 May 2009


With this release some additional bugs have been eliminated compared to the beta version.


  • Bug [2791007] - FontMetrics StackOverflowError

  • Bug [2791010] - Graphics2D.setFont() has no effect

  • Bug [2793464] - setMaxVelocity(lower than current) + reverse direction bug

  • Bug [2785448] - Wrong file path used for development bots. Refixed.

  • Bug [2795854] - Installer says to run robocode.jar

  • Bug [2795883] - Nanobot rumble not sending melee or team parameters. Thanks goes to Jerome Lavigne aka. Darkcanuck for this fix.

  • Fixed three bugs introduced with the Beta version found using new test units:

    • One bug where the speed would immediately drop to max. velocity when calling setMaxVelocity() - disregarding the acceleration and deceleration rules.

    • Another bug where the turn rate was a bit wrong when moving back and turning left in the same time.

    • A third bug where the robot continued to move backwards when it should have stopped due to setAhead(0) or setBack(0).

Download Robocode from here

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Robocode Beta

With this beta, we corrected an old bug in Robocode with the robot speed and movement in some situations when a robot is decelerating. That is, a robot would only move 99% according to it's own rules. E.g. it could end with a distance remaining on -0.2 instead of 0, it could have a velocity higher than the set max. velocity, and it could take an extra turn to stop movement when decelerating. However, these 3 caveats does not occur that often. Hence, they should not have a big impact on the robot behavior and rankings on the RoboRumble etc.

If you do experience big differences since version, then don't hesitate with contacting us with detailed information about the scenario, so it is possible for us to reproduce and fix.


  • Bug [2077512] - Bug in RobotPeer.updateMovement? Robocode was not moving 100% according to it's own rules. Now it is.

  • Bug [2740708] - Fair Play! With two identical robots in a battle against each other, the first robots was much more likely to win, which was not fair.

  • Bug [2779557] - Client tries to remove all participants. When RoboRumble, TeamRumble, and/or MeleeRumble downloaded the participants list and did not receive a HTTP_OK or an empty list, the participants list was emptied. This caused problems with the RoboRumble server.

  • Bug [2785448] - Wrong file path used for development bots. Added option -DALWAYSUSECACHEFORDATA for anyone who liked it better.

  • Bug [2785456] - Melee rumble doesn't use "smart battles" (aka. priority battles). Thanks goes to Jerome Lavigne aka. Darkcanuck for this fix.

  • Fixed several ArrayOutOfBoundsExceptions occurring when starting a battle with fewer robots than a battle just played with more robots.

Changes for RoboRumble

  • The participants URL for RoboRumble, MeleeRumble, and TeamRumble have been updated to use the participant lists from the new RoboWiki:

    • RoboRumble:

    • MeleeRumble:

    • TeamRumble:

Other changes

  • Updated the Help menu to point at the new RoboWiki regarding the Online Help and FAQ.

  • RobocodeEngine control class: Added additional runBattle() method where it is possible to specify the initial positions of the robots when starting a battle.

  • The about box was updated, where contributors are now written in bold and in a green color.

  • Download Robocode Beta from here