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Friday, 4 October 2013


Robocode version - The Editor Theme Release
(Changes since last version


  • Bug-363: No Last Survivor Bonus being given.
  • The getWidth() and getHeight() methods on the Robot class have always returned 40, even though a robot is 36x36 pixels in size.
    • Hence, getWidth() and getHeight() have been changed to return the correct width and height, which is 36.
  • Fixed Robot Editor issues:
    • NullPointerException occurring with a new source file that was not saved before being compiled.
    • Issue where the caret position was set to the end of a source file when reading it into the editor.


  • Req-121: Change default battle settings like e.g. "Number of Rounds".
    • A new Editor Theme Configurator has been added the allows changing the font, text colors and styles for the Robocode Editor.
    • Two built-in themes have been provided for Robocode:
      • Robocode White Theme
      • Robocode BlackTheme
    • When selecting a theme, Robocode will automatically use this theme the next time Robocode is started.
    • When changing a theme, a new custom theme can be created and saved. Note that it is possible to overwrite existing themes.
    • Editor themes are stored within the /theme/editor directory as theme property files, which makes it possible to modify these in a normal text editor, but also share the themes.
    • The Editor Theme Configurator is available from the Robot Editor menu under View -> Change Editor Theme.
  • The line numbers area in the Robocode Editor has been improved as well:
    • The background and text colors for the line numbers can be changed.
    • Line numbers are now right aligned + extra space has been added to the right.
  • The Find & Replace dialog has got a better layout.
Download Robocode from here
Download Robocode .NET plug-in from here
Download Robot testing plug-in from here Download Robocode Javadoc from here