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Monday, 2 March 2015

Naval Robocode 0.9.2 has been released

This is a new version of Naval Robocode, which is now based on classic Robocode version, which fixes bugs found since version, e.g. bugs in the Robot Editor. With this new version mines now have a blast radius, and a Ship source code template has been added to the Robot Editor too.

Naval Robocode is based on Robocode v1.9.2.1 in its own branch (naval-robocode-workspace2 on GitHib for Robocode).

Notice that Naval Robocode is now started using an independent naval-robocode.bat/.sh/.command startup script instead of robocode.bat/.sh/.command, which will start up classic Robocode.

So if you want to have some new fun with Robocode then make sure you visit the page for Naval Robocode on the RoboWiki:

We hope you will enjoy Naval Robocode! Enjoy Robocoding!


  • Merged all changes with Naval Robocode with Robocode (newest version).
  • Flemming clean-up and Naval Robocode specification
  • Now able to use naval-robocode.bat to start Naval Robocode
  • Fixed a few UnitTests that fell short due to a few missing classes
  • The in-game editor can now create a sample ship for you.

Bug fixes

  • Mines now have a blast Radius. (See NavalRules)
    • Angles have been better documented
    • Custom run config robocode.NavalRobocode
Download Naval Robocode 0.9.2 from here