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Monday, 8 June 2009

Robocode Beta

Please welcome a new robot type, the RateControlRobot. This new robot type has been provided by Joshua Galecki and is an extension of the AdvancedRobot. Currently, the RateControlRobot is in its Beta stage.

The RateControlRobot class has been created in an attempt to allow more realistic robots. That is, many real/physical robots are given commands in terms of rates ("move forward one meter per second"). Hence, the RateControlRobot helps simulating a real robot.

The RateControlRobot provides these new methods:

  • setVelocityRate(double)

  • setTurnRate(double)

  • setGunTurnRate(double)

  • setRadarTurnRate(double)

These methods overrides setAhead(),setBack(), setTurnRight(), setTurnGunLeft() etc.

For an example, please look into the source code for the new sample.VelociRobot.

We ask the community for feedback for the new RateControlRobot and we will announce it as stable in one of next major releases. So please report issues or change requests etc. for this new robot type.


  • AdvancedRobot.setMaxTurnRate() did not work properly since version 1.5.4

  • Bug [2799165] - Wrong survival scores sent by rumble client

  • Bug [2802227] - Funny behaviors with robot graphics/paintings

Changes for RoboRumble

  • Added validation of each of the participant lines of the participant list. If a participant line is invalid due to e.g. wrong format/syntax or bad URL, then an error message is written out and the participant is ignored.

  • The format of the lines in the participant lines is the same as usual.

  • Accepted lines must follow this format: {robot+version},({http-url}|{repository-id}), where {robot+version} must match the regular expression "[\\w\\.]+[ ][\\w\\.-]+", the {http-url} must be a HTTP URL pointing at the robot .jar file, and the {repository-id} must be a number. The {http-url} and {repository-id} are mutual exclusive. Example of accepted lines:

  • johndoe.SomeRobot 1.0,

    johndoe.SomeRobot 1.0,321

  • Removed the info message "Trying to download {botname}" from the console output.

Other changes

  • The Development Options has become more usable, as Ruben Moreno Montoliu has added a list of paths and buttons for adding and removing directories, full resizable.

  • Updated the javadoc with a note for the setAdjust*() robot methods, which are ignored when turning with infinite values.

Download Robocode Beta from here