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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Naval Robocode - play Robocode with ships instead of tanks

Naval Robocode (#navalrobocode) is under development, which is a naval variant of Robocode, where the tanks have been replaced by ships with 2 cannons.

This Robocode variant has been developed by Thomas Hakkers and Jan-Egbert Hamming from Thales Netherland involved primarily with naval defence systems (sensors, radars and infrared systems).

Naval Robocode is based on Robocode v1.9.2.1 in its own branch (naval-robocode-workspace on GitHib for Robocode).

So if you want to have some new fun with Robocode then make sure you visit the page for Naval Robocode on the RoboWiki:

We hope you will enjoy Naval Robocode! Enjoy Robocoding!