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Friday, 10 April 2009


With this release we have focused on eliminating as many problems seen with RoboRumble as possible. Hence, this version should hopefully prove stable as the new RoboRumble client.

Bugfixes for RoboRumble

  • Bug [2727675] - Meleerumble using 2 bots instead of 10. Now the MELEEBOTS (number of robots that participate in a melee battle) works as expected.

  • Bug [2742554] - TeamRumble uploading result for Robot instead of team.

  • Bug [2727667] - Not enough java memory allocated in launch scripts. The launch scripts for RoboRumble and TeamRumble were changed so it is allowed to use up to 512 MB heap memory, and MeleeRumble is allowed to use up to 1024 MB.

  • Bug [2740403] - EOFException during repository rebuild. Exception is now reported in a simplified way.

  • Bug [2742891] - JarJar multi-registration. RoboRumble was not reusing the same RobocodeEngine instance.

Other bugfixes

  • Bug [2627698] - pe.SandboxDT_3.02 stoped working. We had broken semantics of getTeammates() to return empty array when there is no team.

  • Bug [2738985] - Robocode API: Cannot subclass Event in 1.7.1.

  • Bug [2738993] - Errors with some robot classes when rebuilding database.

  • Bug [2711605] - Webpage button lay over robot description.

  • Bug [2723228] - Round number set by user was not saved between run.

JuniorRobot changes

  • Bug - The event variables scannedXXX and hitXXX on the JuniorRobot was not reset to -1 (or -99) when nothing was scanned or hit.

  • Bug/Req [2500129] - Prevent JuniorRobot to be unresponsive.

  • Change: JuniorRobot will now automatically scan for enemies when it is not moving.

Download Robocode from here