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Saturday, 2 March 2019


Version (02-03-2019)

This is another maintenance release, which fixes issues for the RoboRumble and also adds support for developing robots in the Kotlin programming language.


  • Bug-402: etc. has incorrect class path
    • This was causing codesize utility not being able to work with roborumble. And unfortunately, this error was silenced so the user wouldn't notice that at all.
  • Bug-403: MouseEvent returning wrong position''
  • Bug-405: Fix #405 unnecessary FileNotFound exception
  • Rumble: skip bots that fails to download when calc code size
  • Credits to Xor and Bumfo for all these fixes. :-)


  • Added support for Kotlin. Just put the into the /libs folder to allow robots coded in Kotlin.

  • Changed the Maven build files to use the Maven Wrapper (mvnw).