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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Robocode Beta

This is the beta version of Robocode version

We encourage everybody to test this new Beta version as much as possible and report any bugs found at our Bugs Tracker at SourceForge. Then we will do everything we can to fix issues before the final release.

In the following we list the bugfixes, new features, and other changes made with the Beta version.


  • Bug [2832113] - The gun shot sound isn't working.

  • Bug [3196615] - x,y coords between BulletHitEvent & HitByBulletEvent differ.

  • Bug [3207405] - Custom events no longer firing after clearing event queue.

  • Fixed typo in the documentation with valid range of values for the battlefield width and height. Thanks goes to Tam├ís Balog for pointing this out.

New features

  • Added "Enable auto recording" option to the Common Options, which automatically generates a zipped XML record for every battle. Works only when "Enable replay recording" is enabled (is automatically set when enabling auto recording).

  • Req [3026852] - Ability to save the properties file for robots in development path.

  • Req [3066647] - Rules.getBulletSpeed(). Keep bullet power within 0.1 - 3.0, even when input is lesser or greater than this valid range.

  • Req [3034594] - In battle name hiding. A new game rule, "hide enemy names", can be enabled or disabled.


  • Upgraded to use jni4net v0.8.3.

Download Robocode Beta from here
Download Robocode .NET Plugin Beta from here
Download Robot Testing Plug-in Beta from here