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Thursday, 5 August 2010

Robocode (final)

Robocode version (final) has now been released, which contains lots of bug fixes compared to the beta, but also a few changes.

You can read about the previous bugfixes and changes made for the beta version here:

In the following, the new bugfixes and changes made since the beta version are listed.


  • Bug [3021140] - Possible for robot to kill other robot threads.

  • Bug [3029344] - Zipped robots data files are not extracted.

  • Bug [3026855] - Robot Packager doesn't package source file in Eclipse proj.

  • Bug [2828479] - Missed onRobotDeath events. Thanks goes to ForNeVeR for finding and solving this bug.

  • Bug [3019854] - Cannot see robot with no package in New Battle dialog.

  • Bug [3026856] - Robot Packaging Wizard doesn't save value for Next & Back.

  • Bug [3028102] - ClassNotFoundException at

  • Bug [3032423] - "skipped" turns at start with -Ddebug=true

  • Bug [3032843] - Exclude filters not working.

  • Sometimes the compiler window was hanging for several seconds, even though the compiler had finished compiling.


  • The Robot Packing Wizard will now only allow word characters (letters, digits, dots, but no spaces) with the version field.

  • Added robocode.annotation.SafeStatic, which can be used to suppress warnings in the robot console for a robot uses static reference to a robot on a field. Note that this means that you need to clean the static field, when a new round is started. This annotation was suggested by Nat Pavasant. The annotation is used like this:

  • @SafeStatic
    private static AdvancedRobot robot;

  • Added syntax highlightning on Java annotations for the Robot Editor.

Download Robocode (final) from here
Download Robocode .NET plug-in from here
Download Robot testing plug-in from here