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Thursday, 28 August 2008

Robocode - bugfixes for 1.6.1

Lot's of bugfixes have been made for Robocode 1.6.1 and therefore this maintenance release has been released with the current fixes.


  • Issues with the scoring. Sometimes the robots were ranked incorrectly compared to their total scores given in the battle results.
  • When disabling the security (-DNOSECURITY=true) it would not be possible to run any battles as the following error would occur: 'RobocodeFileOutputStream.threadManager cannot be null!'
  • [2066996] -battle broken: When using a battle file, the battles were not displayed one the GUI.
  • [2064834] Robot problem after Options -> Clean robot cache: Robots that tried to access their data file, like e.g. sample.SittingDuck got a
  • Sometimes the compiler window would hang when trying to compile, but only when the compiler gave compilation errors.
  • IllegalArgumentException occurred when calling setStroke() or setComposite() on the Graphics2D object returned by the new getGraphics() method on the Robot.


  • The intro battle will only be shown if a battle file has not been specified using the -battle command-line argument and Robocode is being run for the first time since installation. Previously, the intro battle was always shown even though a battle file had been specified.

Download from here

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