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Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Robocode 1.6.1 Beta 3

More bugfixes were made to Robocode 1.6.1 (Beta 3) compared to the previous Beta 2.


  • [2042289] Frequent errors stopping bots: This error was introduced in one of the 1.6.1 Beta versions, where some robots got this error message: "Waiting for robot XXX to stop. Robot XXX is not stopping. Forcing a stop.".
  • [2022774] Various usability issues: Preferences: If TPS was changed from the Preferences during a battle, the error "SYSTEM: pause game bug!" occurred.
  • [2024568] Sometimes the compiler window hangs: This bug occurred on some systems when compiling a robot - especially when a compiler error was returned by the compiler.
  • [2034395] Battles don't open again with selected robots: When opening and starting a battle from a .battle file with selected robots (in the .battle file) the New Battle dialog was showing the robots of the previous battle instead of the selected robots from the .battle file.


[2022774] Various usability issues:

  • Added "Enable all" and "Disable all" button in the View Options of the Preferences.
  • When the TPS slider is set to 0, the game is paused, and the Pause/Resume button set to paused mode. Now, if the Pause/Resume button is pressed, the game will resume at 1 TPS, and the TPS slider will now move to 1. Previously it will set to 0.
  • Improved some menus a bit with better names, and did some rearrangements of the order of the menu items here and there.
  • In the New Battle window, the focus is now kept in the list of available robots when one of the two 'Add' buttons has been pressed. Previously the focus was lost, and you had to reselect robots in the list of available robots in order to add more robots. It is now possible to add multiple robots using only the arrow keys with e.g. the Alt+A in order to add more robots to the battle.

Download: here

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