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Monday, 25 May 2009


With this release some additional bugs have been eliminated compared to the beta version.


  • Bug [2791007] - FontMetrics StackOverflowError

  • Bug [2791010] - Graphics2D.setFont() has no effect

  • Bug [2793464] - setMaxVelocity(lower than current) + reverse direction bug

  • Bug [2785448] - Wrong file path used for development bots. Refixed.

  • Bug [2795854] - Installer says to run robocode.jar

  • Bug [2795883] - Nanobot rumble not sending melee or team parameters. Thanks goes to Jerome Lavigne aka. Darkcanuck for this fix.

  • Fixed three bugs introduced with the Beta version found using new test units:

    • One bug where the speed would immediately drop to max. velocity when calling setMaxVelocity() - disregarding the acceleration and deceleration rules.

    • Another bug where the turn rate was a bit wrong when moving back and turning left in the same time.

    • A third bug where the robot continued to move backwards when it should have stopped due to setAhead(0) or setBack(0).

Download Robocode from here

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