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Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Startup tips - harvesting from you

Hi All,

We plan to implement startup tips and we are looking for good ones. I mocked up pictures of solution. We would like to implement panel with multiple fonts and links to web. It will be probably driven by XML similar to HTML, we don't have it yet, so the final solution may look different.
startup tip
startup tip

Now you come, we need your help. Please share your best tips with us.

You could do it by commenting here or on ticket or just send us email.

We would like to see nice, well formed, short, informative TIPs about Robocode.

Thanks !
Pavel & Flemming


nat3738 said...

It is better to post this to Google Groups. Would you mind if I post to RoboWiki. If I don't feel like to visit this, I'll not found this post.

Just want to know, you two start working in this again because I comment on that ticket?

What kind of tips do you like? API, General or Technique (like Gun/Movement)?

Pavel Šavara said...

We are interested in any kind of tip for beginner programmers. All you mentioned, plus robocode usage tips, debugging, robot architecture, strategies.
But tip should stay short, so if you need more space to describe idea, tip will contain just attractive short idea and link to wiki where you put full details.