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Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Robocode 1.7.1 Beta 2 - few bugs left?

We fixed more bugs for the version 1.7.1 Beta 2. There are a few bugs left that are not considered critical, and which will be available with the final 1.7.1 release. Please try out this version and try to find as many bugs you possible can and report issues on the tracker for Robocode.


  • Bug [2658090] - Typing to find bot no longer works.

  • Bug [2666598] - API: Typo in Documentation onBulletMissed(BulletMissedEvent).

  • Bug [2658167] - Put back setTime() method of Event, the security is now handled other way, not by hiding the field.

  • Fixed the problem with loading team robots from nested .jar files.

  • On Ubuntu (Linux) the "Default window size" did not work properly.

Internal Changes

  • On SUN's JVM enabled caching of .jar files opened thru URLConnection. Solved problem with closing such files by implementing URLJarCollector.

Download Robocode 1.7.1 Beta 2 from here

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