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Monday, 25 March 2013


Robocode version is a maintenance release, which fixes the Skipped Turns issues among other issues.


  • Bug-335/Bug-336: Skipped turns ... issues.
  • Bug-349: Instances of RobocodeEngine don't seem to be independant - memory leak and performance decrease.
  • Bug-350: Bullet id from battle record XML file is sometimes -1 causing a NumberFormatException.
  • Bug-351: Robot.onBattleEnded(BattleEndedEvent) provides wrong scores.
  • Bug-352: Results from BattleCompletedEvent.getIndexedResults() are always sorted.
  • Bug-353: RobocodeEngine.setVisible() can cause a NullPointerException.
  • Bug-354: Replaying an XML record can cause an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException.
  • Bug-355: Priority battles not accepted for mini/micro/nano rumbles.
  • Bug-356: Update Roborumble URLs from Darkcanuck to LiteRumble.
  • Bug-357: Tab characters are inserted in the last line of a robot source file when opening it.
Download Robocode from here
Download Robocode .NET plug-in from here
Download Robot testing plug-in from here


Kathryn711 said...

I can't install. I installed robocode before Java by accident. Then when I did install Java it still won't work. So I tried deleting it - it doesn't show up as a program file. So I deleted it from the C drive - then I couldn't delete the keys from my registry - it says cannot delete. Please don't recommend this to kids unless their parents are Java programmers.

Very disappointed, I was evaluating this for an after school program - but now I can't even install it on my laptop.

Flemming Larsen said...

Hi Kathryn,

I am sorry that you are disappointed with Robocode. Robocode is primarily aimed for Java and C#/.NET developers, where installing Robocode will be an easy task for them.

Robocode is "just" a Java application that requires a Java Developer Kit (JDK) in order to run properly. It assumes that Java has already been installed and set up properly like any other Java application. Note that Java 6 or 7 or newer is required as minimum.

You can read more about how to install Robocode here:

... and you should make sure that you meet the system requirements here as well:

I wish you good luck with installing Java and Robocode. :-)

Kathryn711 said...

Hi Flemming,

I was very frustrated when I wrote - but only because I am (still) planning on presenting it to the Chicago Public Library as a very good tool. I guess the hope would be if we could get some funding and support we could do some type of installation UI that would detect settings and make sure teachers download things in an exact order -- we would have to build some extra layers to "idiotproof" and automate the dual installation.

So I was frustrated because I so badly want this to work. That said, as I research, I find ALL the tools to teach children programming are problematic - so the problems with Robocode are not unique.

Anyway, I got it to work eventually. I'll keep you posted if it catches on.