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Friday, 17 August 2012


Robocode version is a maintenance release.


  • Bug [3540397] - "Accept-Encoding: gzip" not in Roborumble HTTP Headers.
  • Bug [3543475] - All Text Missing. Reverting enabling OpenGL for Linux per default (introduced with Bug fix [3520616])
  • Bug [3544205] - Robocode crash on window resize (linux-opengl). Reverting enabling OpenGL per default for Linux.
  • Bug [3546125] - InteractiveRobots gets error "After the event was added...".
  • Bug [3547611] - New bots not given priority.


  • The built-in RoboRumble@Home client is now able to decompress "gzip" and "deflate" content with HTTP connections with RoboRumble serverers that supports it.
Download Robocode from here
Download Robocode .NET plug-in from here
Download Robot testing plug-in from here

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