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Thursday, 9 July 2009


This version is a maintenance release of Robocode fixing more bugs.


  • Bug [2813513] - Bullet and Ram Damage Bonuses are wrong.

  • Bug [2809518] - Does not extract .properties files into bot data dir.

  • Bug [2805858] - Access denied javax.swing -DNOSECURITY=true

  • Sometimes the "Show results when battle(s) ends" in the Common Options was disabled when running the RobocodeEngine, even though the setting had been enabled earlier.

  • Bug [2811621] - Invalid entry point in codesize-1.1.jar.

  • A NullPointerException occurred when closing the Preferences window, when no sound device is present in the system.


  • The default font on the Graphics context when using onPaint(Graphics2D) or getGraphics() has been changed to the "Dialog" font.

Download Robocode from here

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