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Sunday, 16 November 2008

Robocode - new maintenance release

This maintenance release contains 1 new feature, 4 bug fixes, and 1 change.


  • Loosing robots were not receiving onBattleEnded(BattleEndedEvent) events.
  • A new security issue fix for robots that were able to execute malicious code thru the Event Dispatch Thread (EDT).
  • [2210749] drawArc() does not work as expected: This bug has been fixed. In addition, both drawArc() and fillArc() are now using the Robocode coordinate and angle system.
  • [2157167] Blank console window when compiling. Some systems still had this issue, so a new fix has been applied.

New feature

  • The results and current rankings (during a battle) is now showing the score as percentage(s) in parenthesis right beside the score points like e.g. '7875 (12%)' for the total score in the results and '21 / 2900 (7 / 14%)' with the current rankings.
    • Thanks goes to Endre Palatinus, Eniko Nagy, Attila Csizofszki and Laszlo Vigh for this patch/contribution!


  • The option EXPERIMENTAL (true/false) allowing access to the robot interface peer is now working for the RobocodeEngine class also.

Download from here

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Barnabás said...

I'm glad to see Hungarian names related to Robocode. :)